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Take time to See What’s out the Window and Imagine what Isn’t

Recently, I was puttering on Insta, looking at pictures, trying to figure out what to post for my own Insta accounts, trying to pick a Book Cover picture to promote my latest book signing (wearing a mask, from 6 feet, of course!) and I came across my own pictures of sunsets.  I also came across other pictures of people outside on beautiful sunny days.
I prefer rainy days, but I enjoy sunny ones as well.  (No, I’m not going to don a dress and start belting songs from “The Sound of Music” anytime soon.).  It occurred to me, that I never open the curtains except for the plants to get sunlight or maybe I open the blinds at breakfast.  I don’t have a window in my office at work or near my desk in my writing room on purpose - yes, here I am another day dreaming reader who would stare out of the window all day long if I could and then I would get ZERO work done!
But windows are not just for the imagination, I thought.  They are for letting in some sunshine, too.  
What an eye opening experience…

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