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The Lost Art of Silence

I like music.  I don’t particularly like to talk, but I will.  I enjoy watching movies and sometimes TV shows.  I like listening to audiobooks.

But yet, I spend parts of my day every day in silence.  Sometimes, I’m meditating but because I’m using a guided app, it is not quiet for the whole session.

Usually I spend my quiet time driving in the car, with no radio, no tunes - there is absolutely nothing on.   When I swim, I’m in silence.  When I work at my small business, most days I prefer quiet over lots of talking or a TV or radio blaring in the corner.

I am not one of those marketing statistic shoppers who buys more when I’m shopping because music is blaring on the speakers overheard.  Nope, I actually leave the store!  It goes without saying, I prefer to shop online because unless I’m playing a song on my computer, it’s silent.

Most people, though, cannot stand the silence especially if they are in a group of people.  Sure, that is a time to socialize or network, but every second …

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