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Just Keep Writing

I often run into people who are writers, who write sometimes or who want to be writers.  They lament to me quiet frequently about not being able to write.  No time for it.  Can't get the words out, right.  And so on.

I'm like their go to writer therapist - I say that with a smile.  It's good that folks associate me with being a writer.

It's quite simple to be a writer if that's what you want (no I'm not talking "publishing" here - I mean actually writing).  You have to write!  And read this sentence twice.  You have to read!  You need to study writing to get better at it.  You should take a class, join a writers group, read a reference manual or how to book to improve your skills.

The next part is to simply write!  It's kind of like where it's said to stay healthy exercise some each and every day even if only for a few minutes.  So write something every day.  Even if it's one line in a journal. 

If you are a singer, you need to practice wi…

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