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How Many Ways Can Art Help You be a Writer?

I personally believe that all the avenues of the Arts go hand in hand.  My master’s degree is in Theatre and Communications, I worked in Theatre, Arts Admin, etc.  I enjoy drawing or taking pictures and using the for my book covers or writing ekphrastic poems about them.  Sometimes, I like to simply post my pictures.  I like seeing the photos my friends take, especially when they are on local magazine covers - that’s very cool! Does each facet of the Arts inspire the other?  I believe so.  I hone my observation skills when I’m looking at things, places, taking pictures, etc which often gives me ideas for my stories or poems. Recently I’ve had a professional musician to record my first audiobook.  It’s called “The Mailbox of the Kindred Spirit.”  He did a great job bringing my characters to life.  He really breathed a life into them I could’ve never imagined had I’d tried to record the audiobook myself.  Music is ever present in my life, and it’s been encouraged forever.  Before I becam

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