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Does your book need a trailer?

Books get made into movies all the time.  So it stands to reason that there are now book trailers made for them.

I have seen a few here and there.  I usually find books I want to read by reading reviews or by picking them up in the library or bookstore and deciding if I want to read them or not.  I have not paid much attention to book trailers until just now.

I watched a few book trailers on YT yesterday to get some ideas to make my own.  I’ve done a lot of social media for my books, so why not a book trailer for my book that’s currently selling well and also one for which I gave a recent reading locally and sold all my copies.  The book I made the trailer for is “The Mailbox of the Kindred Spirit.”

I noticed many of the trailers I watched yesterday looked like movie trailers.  Some looked like a TV ad or commercial.

For my first one, I used a summary of the book, and pictures that I took from one of the very real locales in the book.  Add in some music and pretty fonts and colors an…

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