Sunday, October 10, 2021

Organic Writing

Organic.  It’s a word that’s tossed about a lot!  But what is it, when it’s applied to your writing?

I know I write that way.  I don’t tend to plot out in detailed outlines, or paste sticky notes all over the wall to work out my stories, books, or poems.  I like to get the idea, and piece it together as I go along.

You might think, well how does that work out for you very well?  It does mean I might begin to write pages, or verses and then have to go back and review to make sure it all goes together.  I like to edit as I write as well - a big no-no for most writers, but it’s the way I’m used to writing and how I’ve been doing it since middle school aka junior high.  

I do take notes when I write.  A lot of times I doodle!  I do imagine where my characters are, what they are doing.  And,  I do sketch out general ideas, and a few plot points here and there depending on what kind of story I’m writing.  I like to let ideas sift and gel in my head, too, and then get them down on paper.  I have some very strange voice memos in my phone, if you know what I mean.

To me, writing organically means that it’s all fresh.  It’s real.  Oftentimes, I will observe or overhear something I need for my poems or stories and I use it.  Once in a while, if I get stuck a lot of times someone tells me a story or I read something that makes me figure out where I need to go next with my work.

I believe that organic writing gives you that sense of real that makes a story or poem memorable, readable, relatable, and more.  So how do you like to write?

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